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    Firmly Opposed: Nearly Two-Thirds of Americans Still Reject Court-Packing
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    Firmly Opposed: Nearly Two-Thirds of Americans Still Reject Court-Packing

    by Jorge Gomez • 4 min read

    President Biden’s Supreme Court Commission will hold its fifth public meeting later today on Nov. 19th, as it continues exploring potential court “reforms,” including the dangerous possibility of packing the nation’s highest court.

    From its very first meeting in May, it was clear the Commission was a vehicle for radical and liberal reform priorities. In their thirst for more power, court-packing proponents probably hoped to exploit the Commission as a way to convince the American public of the so-called “need” to restructure the Supreme Court or create additional seats.

    But after six months of work, several meetings and releasing “preliminary draft materials,” Americans aren’t convinced. They still resoundingly reject court-packing.

    A recent Mason-Dixon poll commissioned by First Liberty reveals sixty-five percent (65%) of Americans oppose court-packing. The results are very consistent with a previous poll conducted in April. At that time, sixty-eight percent (68%) opposed packing the Court. The results are statistically the same, since they’re within the margin of error.

    That means the overall picture remains the same: A majority of Americans (approximately two-thirds) do not want more justices stacked on the Supreme Court.

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