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    Tyranny Less Than 180 Days Ahead? Biden’s Commission on Supreme Court Holds First Meeting
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    Tyranny Less Than 180 Days Ahead? Biden’s Commission on Supreme Court Holds First Meeting

    By Liberty McArtor, Contributing Writer

    June 4, 2021

    President Joe Biden’s Commission on the Supreme Court met recently for the first time.

    And while purporting to be a “bipartisan” commission intended to evaluate whether so-called judicial “reforms” are needed, the commission appears to be more of a cover for overthrowing our nation’s highest court and judicial system.

    In this article, we’ll break down some key highlights from the commission’s first meeting. We’ll also look into why it’s increasingly clearer that the commission is a farcical attempt to remake American’s constitutional system, which could take America toward tyranny in less than 180 days, when the commission is supposed to present its recommendations to the President and the nation.

    The Commission’s Alleged Purpose

    As a quick reminder, the commission consists of thirty-six (36) members who are tasked with studying five things that could dramatically alter our constitutional system of checks and balances:

    1. The Supreme Court reform debate throughout history
    2. The judiciary’s constitutional role in relation to executive and legislative branches
    3. The length of judges’ tenures
    4. The size of the Supreme Court
    5. The way the Supreme Court currently selects cases

    “We’re not charged with making specific recommendations,” commission co-chair Cristina Rodríguez, said during the first meeting—which was held over Zoom and lasted less than thirty (30) minutes. “Rather, we are to provide an evaluation of the merits and legality of particular reform proposals being debated today.”

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