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    Reject the Radical Plot to Overthrow America’s Courts

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    President Biden’s Judicial Commission is currently “soliciting public comment” on what they call court “reform” — code-language for their radical plot to pack America’s courts with liberal-friendly Justices that will rubber-stamp every item on the far-Left agenda.


    We are gathering a coalition of patriots across America to flood the commission’s “public comment” with the message: NO to court packing, NO to the liberal agenda, NO to the Supreme Court Coup. But we must ACT NOW to submit our response before it’s too late.

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    For over 150 years, the United States Supreme Court has had nine justices. “Court-packing” is generally defined as increasing the number of Supreme Court seats, primarily to alter the ideological balance of the court. Do you support or oppose “court-packing”?*
    Do you feel President Joe Biden should or should not back a plan proposed by congressional democrats to increase the number of Justices of the Supreme Court of the United States from nine members to thirteen members?*
    If a plan to pack the U.S. Supreme Court with more Justices succeeds, do you believe protections for religious liberty would increase or decrease?*

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