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    History of America’s Courts

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    The size of the Supreme Court has changed only a few times and hasn’t changed in the last 150 years. The truth is: History offers little, if any, justification for packing the Court today. Learn the real reason why number of Supreme Court justices changed in the past.

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    Why Court-Packing is Wrong for America

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    Court-packing is a proven failure. It destroyed civil rights and freedom in many other countries. And if it happens in America, not only will it end the legitimacy and independence of the Supreme Court…it will quickly lead the “Land of the Free” into chaos and tyranny.

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    In Their Own Words

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    Court-packing will eradicate our cherished rights and freedoms, including religious liberty. It’s crucial that all Americans are educated on which of our nation’s leaders—the President, Cabinet members, U.S. Senators and Representatives—support or oppose court-packing.

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    View the Poll Results

    A nationwide poll commissioned by First Liberty Institute and conducted by Mason-Dixon Polling and Strategy finds more than two-thirds of Americans oppose court-packing.