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    To Exert Complete Control, Communist Dictatorships Always Crush Religious Freedom
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    To Exert Complete Control, Communist Dictatorships Always Crush Religious Freedom

    by Jorge Gomez  and Andrew Hamm • 6 min read

    If you need a reminder of the tyranny and oppression that happens when government replaces God, take a look at Cuba.

    Over the last couple of weeks, widespread protests have broken out across the island, with citizens rallying in opposition to the communist regime that’s held power for over six decades.

    While some explained the demonstrations were primarily due to rising COVID cases and lack of vaccines, it seems there’s something deeper driving Cubans to the streets—evident by the fact that many of them are clearly heard shouting “Libertad!” (liberty) and waving the American flag to symbolize their search for freedom.

    For Americans, there’s an important lesson we must learn from the situation unfolding just ninety miles south of our shores.

    That is, a sobering reminder that communist regimes such as the one in Cuba all begin in a similar way: By crushing and stripping away the religious liberty of its citizens.

    Because once a dictatorial, ruling elite succeed at destroying religious freedom and subjugating houses of worship to their power, it’s only a matter of time until other fundamental freedoms—economic, political and social—are ripped away as well.

    Make no mistake, the unrest we see in Cuba today is the result of religious suppression and a denial of fundamental human freedoms. It’s the outcome of what happens when our freedoms are decided by the government, as opposed to the eternal truth that our rights come from God.

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