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    Radical Leftist Logic Says ‘Pack the Court to Unpack It’ (What?!)
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    Radical Leftist Logic Says ‘Pack the Court to Unpack It’ (What?!)

    by Jorge Gomez • 5 min read

    2024 is underway and the November election is right around the corner. On cue, the radical Left is already laying out its plan to “fix” the U.S. Supreme Court, if things go their way at the ballot box.

    The Left-leaning Washington Monthly recently published a lengthy piece titled “How to Fix the Supreme Court.” It argued that “the time has come to connect popular anger over the conservative supermajority with concrete ideas for reform.”

    Perhaps it would be more correct to replace the word “fix” with “rig” – “How to Rig the Supreme Court.”

    If there’s something to learn from this piece, it’s that proponents of court packing are ready to pounce. Their finger is hovering above the button. They’re ready to bring radical court packing back to the forefront, as well as many other dangerous proposals to restructure the nation’s highest court.

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