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    Decoding the radical left’s court packers

    When the Supreme Court declined to block a Texas law prohibiting abortions after a fetal heartbeat is detected, you didn’t have to be a savant of American politics to see what was coming.

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    Democrats Reignite Court-Packing Plot After Recent Supreme Court Abortion Decision

    After the U.S. Supreme Court recently declined to halt Texas’ abortion law, the radical wing of the Democratic Party is doubling down on its plot to overthrow America’s highest court.

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    The Left’s Intimidation Campaign Against Justice Breyer

    In their plot to stage a full-scale coup of America’s judiciary, proponents of court-packing won’t be satisfied by stacking four more justices on the U.S. Supreme Court, or even by adding an extra 203 judges to the lower district courts.

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    America Needs Judges to Stand Up for Religious Liberty and Constitutional Rights

    The Left is doubling down in its attempt to stage a Supreme Court Coup by packing America’s courts with hundreds of liberal judges, arguing that doing so will “restore balance” to the courts and better serve Americans.

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    As Americans Reject Court-Packing, Democrats Introduce Bill to Add 200+ Federal Judges

    After First Liberty launched our national effort to stop the radical overthrow of the judiciary, more than 60,000 American patriots and national allies stepped up together to defend the priceless heritage of America’s Supreme Court and judicial system.

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    To Exert Complete Control, Communist Dictatorships Always Crush Religious Freedom

    Protests break out across the Cuba and offer a sobering reminder that tyrannical regimes all begin in a similar way: By crushing religious liberty.

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    How the Left is Doubling Down and Advancing Their Scheme to Rig the Judiciary

    Radicals are using the latest round of SCOTUS decisions to amplify arguments for court packing but there is a way for YOU to speak up.

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    Originalist Judges Are Having a Major Impact in Upholding the Constitution & Rule of Law

    Thanks to the quality of federal judges, a train of government overreach and abuses of federal executive power is being brought to a halt.

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    How Hungarian Political Elites Manipulated the Judiciary to Consolidate Power

    In this “Roadmap to Tyranny,” we explore court-packing going wrong in Hungary and the plan to stage a Supreme Coup of America’s judiciary.

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    Will Sen. Joe Manchin Hold the Line to Defend Freedom in the Face of Mounting Pressure?

    Sen. Manchin is holding the line to stop the Left from wielding political power and turning religious freedom into a second-class right.

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    Biden’s First Federal Judges A Smokescreen for Radical Coup of the Courts

    The U.S. Senate recently confirmed the first five (5) federal judges of the Biden administration, including Judge Ketanji Brown Jackson to the influential D.C. Circuit of Appeals, largely considered the “second highest” court in the country after the U.S. Supreme Court, as well as a handful of judges to the lower district courts.

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    Why June Could be Decisive for Religious Freedom and the Future of the Nation’s Highest Court

    June could be a critical month for religious freedom in America like never before. Over the next few weeks, the U.S. Supreme Court is likely to release most of the decisions for its current term—including cases in which First Liberty is fighting to defend people of faith and religious organizations.

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    Tyranny Less Than 180 Days Ahead? Biden’s Commission on Supreme Court Holds First Meeting

    President Joe Biden’s Commission on the Supreme Court met recently for the first time and appears to be a cover for overthrowing our nation’s highest court.

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    Biden’s Secret Court-Packing Commission

    President Joe Biden is launching his Supreme Court “reform” commission in a way that is sure to bring more suspicion and mistrust his way. 

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    The Kabuki Commission on the Supreme Court

    Within the next 180 days, a Supeme Court commission is set to present its findings about “court reform”—which could radically change our judiciary.

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    Religious Liberty Expert Warns Against Dangers of Court-Packing Scheme

    Polling nationwide and in key battleground states of Arizona and West Virginia show more than 2/3rds of Americans oppose court-packing.

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    Leftists Are Also Attempting To Court-Pack From The Bottom-Up

    The far left is attemping to court pack at all levels of the federal judiciary. This could radically change our country – for the worse.

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    Sen. Joe Manchin and Growing Number of Democrats Express Opposition to Court-Packing

    More and more U.S. Senators and Representatives appear to be realizing that court-packing is a destructive plot to overthrow our nation’s judiciary.

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    Americans Agree: Court Packing is Dangerous

    What does the American public think about court-packing? In our recent poll of 1,100 voters, sixty-eight percent oppose court packing in any form.

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    Biden bitten by Democratic dark money on court-packing scheme

    Even if President Joe Biden and congressional leaders are successful in putting down the mini-insurrection in the Democratic Party behind a bill to pack the Supreme Court, it’s clear that events are moving faster than the White House can manage.

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    Americans Are Clear: Don’t Pack the Supreme Court

    First Liberty Institute today announced the results of a nationwide poll from Mason Dixon Polling & Strategy.

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    Which U.S. Supreme Court Justice Has the Most “Pro-Religion” Record?

    In this feature, we look at which justices voted most frequently in favor of religious freedom and what this means for future of religious liberty.

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    Court-Packing Scheme Threatens Civil Liberties

    President Joe Biden’s executive order creating a Commission on the Supreme Court purports to “provide an analysis of the principal arguments in the contemporary public debate for and against Supreme Court reform.”

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    Democrats Take First Steps to Pack the Supreme Court

    Democrats filed a bill to add four seats to the Supreme Court, only days after President Biden formed a commission to explore court “reform.”

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    Debunking 4 Claims the Radical Left Uses to Justify Their Supreme Court Coup

    Full of key facts and important data, this article will expose and debunk four common court-packing myths.

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    The Gateway to Court-Packing and Radical Changes to the Constitution

    If the radical Left succeeds at eliminating the filibuster, it will be like dropping a bomb on the Constitution—including the way to dangerous plans like court-packing.

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